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HBR REALTOR® of the Year Hall of Fame


The prestigious HBR REALTOR® of the Year Award annually honors one special REALTOR® who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the real estate profession as well as the community-at-large. The blue-ribbon REALTOR® of the Year Committee selects the REALTOR® of the Year on the basis of REALTOR® spirit, faithfulness to the HBR REALTOR® Code of Ethics, civic activity, business accomplishments and local, state and national REALTOR® participation.

The REALTOR® of the Year Award Program is sponsored by the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, Central Pacific HomeLoans and Pacific Business News. Congratulations to all recipients!

Pictured on the logo is the lehua blossom of the 'ohi'a tree. The wood from the 'ohi'a tree was used in traditional Hawaiian house construction prior to western arrival. Today, the hard wood is used in flooring and furniture. The lehua blossom symbolically represents a warrior, beloved friend, an expert. Together the 'ohi'a tree and its lehua blossom are a fitting representation of those who are bestowed the REALTOR® of the Year by the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®.


HBR REALTOR® of the Year Hall of Fame


HBR REALTOR® of the Year Hall of Fame

Continued (*deceased)

1998 - Norman Noguchi
1997 - Terry Ewart
1996 - Karen Kimura
1995 - Bruce Barrett
1994 - Elaine Niimi
1993 - Barbara Dew
1992 - Chlois McCarter
1991 - Bill Chee
1990 - Judy Sykes
1989 - Frank Fujimura
1988 - Helen Price
1987 - Dot Mason
1986 - Marcus Nishikawa*
1985 - Marie Hansen
1984 - Christine O'Brien
1983 - Brian Thomas
1982 - Jo Brooks
1981 - Liz Benton
1980 - Stewart L. Wade
1979 - Gloria Damron
1978 - E. L. Christensen*
1977 - Tan Tek Lum
1976 - Vi Dolman*
1975 - Velva Bergevin*
1974 - Theodore R. diTullio*
1973 - Y. T. Lum*
1972 - James K. Trask
1971 - Mary V. Savio
1970 - Jack K. Palk
1969 - H. Dickey Thacker*
1968 - Eugene F. Kennedy
1967 - R. H. Deisseroth
1966 - Kenneth M. Young
1965 - Albert V. Vincent*
1964 - S. W. Tompkins*
1963 - Allen R. Moore*
1962 - Lincoln S. Char*
1961 - Theodore R. James*
1960 - Lowell H. Christensen
1959 - Aaron M. Chaney
1958 - Buzzy T. Okazaki


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